RECS 2017

December 18-19, 2017, Fukutake Hall, University of Tokyo

This symposium is organized by the Computational Science Alliance of the University of Tokyo, which aims at strengthening education and research with modern high-performance computing by collaboration between faculties.

This series of symposium is planned to provide an overview of the frontiers of research and program development, and to promote mutual understanding among researchers of computational science and computer science across disciplines.

Several distinguished researchers are invited both from abroad and Japan.

Especially, many researchers in computer science field are invited to this 2nd symposium to introduce the latest achievements in computer science to the researchers and students in computational science.

NEWS: The registration by the web page was closed. We will accept on-site registrations.

NEWS: The dead line of the slide for the poster indexing is 12/14.

NEWS: The state of submitted abstracts are updated.

NEWS: The deadline of the abstract submission for the poster presentations is postponed to November 27.